Mobile-First Phishing Kit Targets Verizon Customers

As people increasingly go mobile-first in their work and personal lives, cybercrime is keeping up: The latest is a phishing kit that specifically targets Verizon Wireless customers in the U.S.

According to Jeremy Richards, a researcher at Lookout Security, the kit pushes phishing links to users via email, masquerading as messages from Verizon Customer Support. These are tailored to mobile viewing: When the malicious URL is opened on a desktop, it looks sloppy and obviously not legitimate – however, when opened on a mobile device, “it looks like what you would expect from a Verizon customer support application,” he noted in an analysis on Monday. “In fact, the desktop version of it even looks like an ‘app’ interface.”

He added that the creators of the kit are clearly familiar with Verizon infrastructure in ways that go beyond spoofing customer service banners and graphics.

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Source:  ThreatPost