Kaspersky Lab to provide insurance policy holders with it forensics in cyber attacks

Kaspersky Lab will provide IT forensics and incident response services to Allianz Global Corporate Specialty SE (AGCS) cyber insurance customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In a cyber crisis, businesses can now benefit from Kaspersky Lab’s expertise, helping them to limit the damage of security incidents through fast access to Next-Gen services and the ability to initiate a highly professional investigation into the incident. As one of the selected IT forensics partners of AGCS, Kaspersky Lab´s services will be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In the Allianz Risk Barometer 2017, cyber incidents rank third in business risks for companies worldwide. Kaspersky Lab survey results found that big corporations have to spend an average of $US 861,000 to recover from a cyber incident, while the average costs for medium-sized enterprises account for $US 86,500.

Kaspersky Lab incident response: Digital forensics and malware analysis

Allianz Cyber Protect Premium, AGCS´s cyber insurance policy for businesses, does not only cover the financial loss incurred by business interruption, data recovery or third-party liability claims, but also the costs for forensic IT services.

Kaspersky Lab’s digital forensics will support the troubleshooting of imminent security problems and the limitation of damage as well as the analysis of malware, technical causes and investigation into the entire incident. The analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the attacker, the technologies used, the duration of the attacks, the targets of the operation and their consequences. As AGCS´s IT forensics partner, Kaspersky Lab may then recommend and implement strategies for defense and recovery, as well as measures for future prevention of security incidents in businesses that have been affected.

It can also preserve evidence for potential law enforcement. Besides providing technical services, AGCS cooperates with other service partners to accommodate victims of cyberattacks both in strategic crisis communications and, through specialized lawyers, in data privacy proceedings. The AGCS insurance policies cover not only targeted, but also broad scattershot cyberattacks.

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