Sudo Bug Opens Root Access on Linux Systems

A vulnerability in Sudo, a core command utility for Linux, could allow a user to execute commands as a root user even if that root access has been specifically disallowed.

Sudo is a utility that allows a system administrator to give certain users (or groups of users) the ability to run commands in the context of any other user – including as root – without having to log in with a different profile. Sudo also logs all commands and arguments in a centralized audit trail system, so admins know which user performed which command and in which context. Admins can also specifically disallow root access for certain users, as a security policy. So, for instance, user Alice might have the ability to oversee the files and work of her department, but she doesn’t have superuser privileges.

The bug (CVE-2019-14287) allows attackers to circumvent this built-in security option to block root access for specified users.

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Source: ThreatPost