Targeted attacks on industrial companies using Snake ransomware

According to Kaspersky ICS CERT data, a number of industrial companies are currently experiencing targeted attacks involving the Snake encryption ransomware.

On June 8, 2020 issues were reported which affected the computer networks of Honda, a Japanese motorcycle and auto manufacturer, in Europe and Japan. Specifically, it was announced that Honda Customer Service and Honda Financial Services were experiencing technical difficulties. Information security experts believe that, in all likelihood, one of the company’s servers was infected with Snake (EKANS) ransomware.

A sample of the Snake malware discovered by some researchers on VirusTotal checked for Honda’s domain name, “” (which is probably used on the company’s internal network). If the domain name cannot be resolved (i.e., if the corresponding IP address cannot be determined), the ransomware terminates without encrypting any files. According to the researchers, this could indicate that the attackers’ activity is targeted.

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Source: Kaspersky