Threat Assessment: EKANS Ransomware

Unit 42 researchers have observed recent EKANS (Snake backward) ransomware activity affecting multiple industries in the U.S and Europe. As a result, we’ve created this threat assessment report for the activities of this ransomware. Identified techniques and campaigns can be visualized using the Unit 42 Playbook Viewer.

EKANS, which was first observed in January 2020, has relatively basic ransomware behavior, as it primarily seeks to encrypt your files and display a ransom note when finished. Although EKANS is basic in terms of file encryption, it’s worth mentioning that it does have some interesting functionalities that make it distinct from other ransomware strains. EKANS ransomware is written in Golang and includes a static “kill list” that will stop numerous antivirus and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) processes and services. After killing the processes, it then proceeds to delete shadow copies to disable any restoration capabilities. Like many ransomware malware families, EKANS attempts to also encrypt resources connected to the victim’s machine via the network.

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Source: Palo Alto